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Are you tired of exercise beating up your body and making you feel worse?

Is pain stopping you from training harder or, even worse, is it preventing you from even getting started?

Are you tired of following cookie-cutter programs that do not get you results and leave you feeling more beat up and broken down than when you started?

That ends today.

Training with EBM Fitness Solutions will allow you to learn how to manage and resolve your pain and to get the most out of your training and maximize your results.

You’ll get out of pain and back in the game, whether it’s on the golf or tennis court, in the gym -- or just the game of life.

How would you be able to do that? Simple, really.

It all begins with a proper assessment by an expert physical therapist and strength coach with years of training and experience, Dr. Tom Biggart.

Proper assessment allows for your plan to be designed in line with your goals and t what your body can handle at this stage.

Pain that seems to “come from out of nowhere” or has you saying, “but I didn’t do anything” usually leave clues if you know what you look for.

By making you aware of what you are doing, you start to move differently.

All of a sudden, you have:

  • No knee pain when going up or down stairs

  • No knee pain when squatting and lunging

  • No neck pain so you can turn your head while driving

  • No neck pain so you can get a good night’s sleep

  • No shoulder pain when getting dressed in the morning

  • No shoulder pain when pressing weights overhead

  • No back pain when trying to get your socks and shoes on

  • No back pain when deadlifting

How Mary Got Out of Pain And How You Can, Too!

Mary was a police dispatcher had some pretty serious injuries, yet she was able to crush her workouts and pass a physical test she needed to pass for a new position at work.

I was referred to Dr. Tom by my mother, who had been seeing him for physical therapy. I had just been given a last-minute date to take the police physical for my city, and I felt extremely behind. Dr. Tom didn’t hesitate to fit me into his schedule on very short notice. I also have prior injuries to my lower back and ACL, so I was nervous to train on my own.

Dr. Tom not only saw me every other day for two weeks on basically no notice, but he was also extremely encouraging and took care to avoid inflaming my prior injuries. I shaved more than thirty seconds off my time for the police physical in those two weeks.

I was unfortunately just shy of passing the physical, and so Dr. Tom and I went to work for four more months. He worked around my insane dispatching schedule, tailored at-home workouts for me to do on days we didn’t work together and continued to be one of my biggest and most vocal supporters.

One thing that was extremely important to me during this time was to avoid any flare-ups of the discs in my back or my ACL injury and Dr. Tom continued to provide new exercises to challenge me and keep my old injuries quiet.

Dr. Tom went above and beyond to provide me with nutritional advice and coaching on top of everything else. I’ve learned so much from him, about nutrition, working out, and general health and wellness. And if there was a question that he wasn’t quite sure about, he made sure he had an answer for me at our next meeting.

I can’t recommend Dr. Tom enough, as a trainer, nutritional counselor, and great support while you continue your journey to be a healthier version of yourself. And I’m proud to say, I passed that police physical! I owe that success directly to Dr. Tom.
— Mary

Mary chose to take action, and so should you. You can choose to do nothing and hope things get better. And they might get better for a bit. But, when the pain comes back, it comes back more intense and stays longer.

This process will continue until the pain is constant and you start to do less and less and even become less productive at work and become difficult to be around due to the burden of chronic pain.

Imagine a Pain-free Version of Yourself.

You are sleeping through the night and DO NOT wake up in pain.

You DO NOT worry about being in pain after a day of being active.

You are able to TRAIN SMARTER AND HARDER - feeling better, not beat up, after doing so.

You resume doing activities you once thought you would NEVER BE ABLE TO DO AGAIN.

Shaun was a fit guy but heavy lifting over the years was catching up with him. With some small tweaks, he was able to continue lifting hard but not destroying his shoulder in the process.

After lifting the same way for years (heavy weights, low reps, one body part per day), I was desperately seeking something new. Following shoulder surgery, it became immediately apparent that my standard lifting program would need to be heavily modified.

Dr. Tom built me a program focused on strengthening my shoulder, while also incorporating movements designed to lessen the strain on the repair and designed a nutrition plan that would complement my hard work in the gym.

Frequent follow-up conversations with Dr. Tom kept me on track and free of injury. I am extremely grateful for the time and passion Dr. Tom dedicated toward my program. It was clear from the very beginning that Dr. Tom was the right choice!

Thanks to Dr. Tom, I have been able to break through my plateau and achieve greater gains!
— Shaun

There really is only one question to ask yourself. Do you want to train one-to-one, a small group or as a Hybrid client? Not sure which one to choose?

Let’s jump on a call to discuss your goals and figure out the best way to help you move forward.

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1:1 Training is just like it sounds. It is just me and you, hanging out for an hour. You will learn about movement tendencies your body has, how they contribute to any pain or limitations you are having and what we are going to do to fix them.

SGT icon.png

Small Group Training (SGT) is limited to groups of 5 people. This requires you to be a little more self-sufficient than in the 1:1 training. Keeping the groups small allows for programs to still be customized and allows ample time with each person in the group.

This allows people to train together even though they may be at different parts of their fitness journeys. And because misery loves company. 


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