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Single-leg hamstring drops w/ ball (video).

Single leg hamstring drops w/ ball.

For now, this one if the grand daddy of the hamstring drop family. 

Set up with your feet under something that will not move. A dumbbell rack works great but not all are low enough to the ground. 

I have used a standing hamstring curl machine to perform hamstring drops when the DB rack was not an option. See below.



Did I just make hamstring drops harder (video)?

Set up with your feet anchored under a dumbbell rack or other solid structure that will not move. Focus on bracing the abs, staying tall throughout the motion and not bending at the hips. Perform the hamstring drop with only one leg on the way down and both legs coming back up. Try to keep the emphasis on the hamstring, not the arms and shoulders. The upper body is definitely assisting the movement, but the hamstrings should be the focus. Enjoy.


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