Undertaking any fitness plan and working towards a goal or goals, requires making some adjustments to someone's overall nutrition. Don't try and avoid it. It is inevitable.

Sadly, most people think of this scenario as either massive caloric restriction resulting in a fire-breathing, bitter version of your former self or being so neurotic about counting and weighing food that you find yourself flicking two extra grains of rice off the scale because you are .2 grams over the limit.

Is it required to bottom out your calories and hate everyone for the duration of time it takes to reach your goals? No.

Is it required that you count calories and weigh food prior to eating it so it feels like each meal is its own science experiment? For most people, no. If you have very intense goals and are trying to achieve a very low body fat percentage then you may need to be this strict.

This sandwich is 2mm too thick. Send it back.

This sandwich is 2mm too thick. Send it back.

Plans that promise dramatic weight loss and require extreme behavior may create a rapid loss, but more often than not, these plans are not sustainable long-term. What good is losing 20lbs if you just gain 30lbs after stopping the plan?

Nutrition really has to start with a change in your mindset regarding food and what the process requires. Nutrition is hard to change because it is something you have to deal with multiple times every day and it is influenced by some many factors.

Emotions. Stress. Time. Family. Money.

These are just some of the few things that can interfere with changing how you eat.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

As much as people detest them, a food log is a great way to start and see what changes need to be made. Everyone says they eat well. Just like everyone says they have a high tolerance for pain.  

From here, we start with the biggest issue and move forward. Maybe you are not eating enough calories (common) or you are not getting enough protein at certain parts of the day. We fix these problems first. Then, we move on towards other areas to improve.

If you start measuring and weighing on day 1, you probably will not last too long with that. You feel frustrated and defeated and this causes you to hate the process and give up. We can do better.

 Many people can achieve their goals without having to count calories or weigh any food.

At EBM, I have a detailed form that will allow me to track your body fat, changes in lean mass and fat mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), caloric requirements based on activity level and the amount of protein, fat, and carbs.

Some people need and like this kind of detail and others do not. It is here as an option for those that need it.

Progress can still be made without using this form.

The most important step is working to change behaviors and habits. Failure to adjust these will not get you to your goal. 

It will lead to frustration that will often lead you to gain back any weight lost plus a little extra.

This form allows us to track all kinds of information and compares it to previous measures so we are always re-evaluating the plan.

This form allows us to track all kinds of information and compares it to previous measures so we are always re-evaluating the plan.

I can use this form to guide you through making the necessary nutritional changes. I can give you just enough information to reach your goals, but not enough to make you dangerous.

When it comes to changing nutrition know that it is not easy. Let's not complicate the process any more than we have to.

Make sure you grab a copy of the FREE guide to getting more out of less time in the gym by clicking here: Get more out of less time in the gym.

Until next time,

Dr. Tom.

P.S. Check out a Protein Smoothie Cheat Sheet and A Quick and Dirty Breakfast idea.


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