Back on Thanksgiving morning, I started sharing different ways to help get people through the holiday season without having to give up exercise.

I even suggested that it is NOT a crazy thought to begin doing some extra activity or exercise during this time of year.

Understanding that many people would view that as crazy advice, I gave examples of things you can do.

In Part 1, we start by just moving more. I share some examples of dynamic warm-ups I use at EBM Fitness Solutions.

A warm-up of some kind should precede any workout. But, using warm-up movements is a great way to get the body moving when you are tired or when the body is achy from whatever makes you achy these days.

There are a bunch of ways to warm-up. Just make sure you are doing one.

There are a bunch of ways to warm-up. Just make sure you are doing one.

A dynamic warm-up is just a series of movements you use to get the body moving. The movements are done through a comfortable range of motion. Nothing is forced.

In almost all cases, any stiffness that was present in the beginning is improved upon by the end of the warm-up.

For this first part, that is all you need to work on.

So, if you are exercising regularly but notice that your workouts are getting shorter due to other time constraints and you are waking up a little more sore in the mornings than before, this will be perfect.

Maybe you have been thinking about starting some exercise routine but do not know where to start. Maybe you have some injuries that you are concerned about. A warm-up is a great place for you to start.

Part of what makes this so good for newbies is that it starts to build good habits and behaviors.

If you consistently get up each morning or do it at some other point during the day, you are starting to establish this as part of your normal routine. It will be easier to start adding more to this routine now that it is a part of your daily routine.

Lower Body Dynamic Warm-up

Let’s look at the lower body first. The first video actually contains four different movements. Any of the movements that are done walking can also be done standing in place while using something for balance, if necessary.

4 movements. Butt kicks, hip swings, Frankenstein walks and walking hip flexor mobilization. By no means, an all-inclusive list, but a good place to start.

Start in a quadruped position. Squeeze the glute and lift the leg up until the thigh is no more than parallel to the floor. Once the hip is fully extended, any additional motion must come from the lumbar spine. Focus on the squeezing of the glute not the swinging of the leg.
These are also affectionately known as dog pissers. You could sound more sophisticated and go with quadruped hip abduction. Your call. From a quadruped position, focus on squeezing the hip and glute to move the leg out to the side. DO NOT swing the leg.

Upper Body Dynamic Warm-up

Like the lower body video, this one also contains four movements. The first three should always be performed against the wall. Your feet do not need to be against the wall, but your head and shoulder should stay there the entire time.

4 movements: Standing Y (D2 flexion/extension), standing T, 90-90 external rotation, and iso pullaparts Not an all-inclusive list, but a good place to start.

Lay on your back. Set a neutral low back position and brace the abs. Bring your arms up to the start position. Squeeze the shoulder blades, press the forearms against the mast and slide the arms up. Focus on these three movements together works shoulder the rhomboids, posterior deltoids, rotator cuff and middle deltoids all at the same time.

Those are some good options for you to start with. Now, you DO NOT need to do all of them.

You not have some options to pick from. Some you won’t like and that is fine. Although, the things we hate the most are often the things we need the most. Unless there’s pain. Pain is a deal breaker with any of these movements.

Let me know if you have any questions about these. And make sure you grab your FREE 7-Day Strength and Mobility Reboot by clicking the link below.

7-Day Strength and Mobility Reboot

Until next time,

Dr. Tom

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