When it comes to training hamstrings (back of the thigh) people usually perform some hamstring curl machine or hamstring curls on the ball. 

Seated hamstring curls. He looks like he is having a little too much fun.

Seated hamstring curls. He looks like he is having a little too much fun.

Prone hamstring curls.

Prone hamstring curls.

1st video: the hips are lowered after each rep. This is good for people new to the movement.

2nd video: hips stay up for all reps.

Set the low back position first and brace the abs prior to lifting off the floor. Keep the hands down, but try to keep the palms up.

When the palms are down, too much pressure is applied to the hands and this creates unnecessary stress at the shoulder joint.

Start with the knees bent and the hips on the ground. Lift up from this position. Focus on keeping the hips up as high as you can, without arching the low back, throughout the entire exercise.

DO NOT pull the toes up towards your body. This may cause you to feel most of this exercise in the calf area. Gently, point the toes away at all times.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the above choices. But there are so many other ways to train the hamstrings. 

Most people do too much for the quads (thighs) and not enough for the hamstrings and glutes (butt).

The exercise video below is not for beginners. It is quite challenging. There are a bunch of other options to attempt before trying this one.

However, if you are strong with the force and want to take this bad Larry for a spin, proceed. If you need some other ideas for working your hamstrings, let me know. 

This will punch your hamstrings right in the mouth.

Set up with both knees bent, feet flat on the ground with a slider under one of your feet.

Lift the foot that is not on the slider off the floor. Perform a single-leg bridge with the other leg.

Once at the top of the motion, straighten the knee by sliding the foot away from the body.

When the knee is extended, keep the hips on the floor, bend the knee and start again with the single-leg bridge.

This movement targets both the glutes and hamstrings, which is gravy. 

Also, if you train regularly and like to train when you travel, then you should definitely invest in some of the sliders. I got my at Home Depot. They can be taken to the gym or be ticked into a suitcase for endless fun on the road. 

Until next time,

Dr. Tom

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