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Time constraint workouts

Steady-state cardio is dead.


Steady-state cardio is dead.


  • Prolonged cardio takes too much time and ultimately slows your metabolism making it harder to lose weight.

  • Steady cardio is a muscle-wasting activity.

  • The repetitive nature of cardio invites injuries and impaired motor control.

  • You cannot out train (or out cardio for that matter) your eating habits. Change them, or else.

  • To avoid a plateau, your cardio needs to be more varied.

  • Continuous aerobic work plateaus after about 8 weeks.

  • The calories you burn during the workout don't matter than much and calorie burning stops shortly after the exercise is done.

  • There are some studies cited at the end of the article that highlight the ineffectiveness of traditional cardio. It is not just my opinion.



How to dominate the holidays. Part 1.

Back on Thanksgiving morning, I started sharing different ways to help get people through the holiday season without having to give up exercise.

I even suggested that it is NOT a crazy thought to begin doing some extra activity or exercise during this time of year.

Understanding that many people would view that as crazy advice, I gave examples of things you can do.



Time-Constraint Workouts (TCWs).


This is probably the number one reason people use as to why they cannot do something, especially exercise and nutrition. And don't even get me started on how much time is spent on Facebook, Instagram and the internet searching for inspirational memes.


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