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Neck pain


How to dominate the holidays. Part 2. [9 videos]

Let’s keep the holiday train rolling along. In Part 1, we discussed just getting moving more using dynamic warm-ups.

In Part 2, we are going to look at a bunch of different stretches that you can utilize to avoid ending up a complete ball of stress and knots come January.



Pulling exercises. You're doing it wrong (video).

Rows, pulldowns, pull-ups, and other movements that initiate movement through the scapula should make up a good amount of your upper body exercises in your program.

Rows and other horizontal pulling movements should outnumber both pressing movements and vertical pulling movements. 



Standing thoracic mobility (video)

Stand in front of a bar (or another surface that is stable and will not move - kitchen counters also work great for this).

Walk the feet back, perform a hip hinge and pivot forward until you feel so resistance to the movement in the thoracic spine. Hold this position for 5-6 seconds. Repeat as needed.

NOTE: this may cause the back to crack. Not getting a crack in the back does not mean the movement was ineffective.



1st rib mobilization (video)

Mobilizing the first rib is not something many people know about which is unfortunate. The first rib is right under your collarbone and can be elevated which causes all sorts of issues for the neck and shoulder(s). Check out the video to see how to mobilize the fist rib.



How does posture get so messed up?

When I first started as a Physical Therapist, I used to get nervous any time one of my patients came in with any neck diagnosis.

I mean, its the neck. I could snap their spinal cord and the person would never be the same after that. 

Now, that is not true at all, but that is what I thought. What a weirdo.

Once I worked with some of these patients, I started to realize there were commonalities to most of my patients. Once we fixed a few underlying issues, they got better.

Almost 100% of them.

After awhile, I started to look forward to treating any neck issue because the outcomes I was getting were so good.



How to train around PAIN.

The fact of the matter is, pain can bring each one of these situations to a grinding halt. Even worse, if the pain is left unchecked it usually gets worse and can even cause pain in different parts of the body.

It is not uncommon for a right ankle or knee issue to cause pain in the low back or the opposite hip and knee. I will explain how at a later date. The short answer as to how this happens is that everything is connected. 



Stop Stretching Your Tight Muscles

It seems simple enough. If you have muscle tightness, the remedy is to stretch said muscles.

Simple. Easy. Done deal. Moving on.

Not so fast.

There may be a better way. An approach that, on the surface, seems ludicrous and absurd.


Tell your doctor to go pound sand.

No disrespect for these health care professionals, but their evaluations skills are average at best. And, they often do not have the time to truly evaluate someone even if there skills are not subpar.

And, treating pain with meds only attempts to deal with your symptoms. It DOES NOT deal with the underlying problem that is causing the pain.

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